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Recycling iPhone E-waste the Practical Way

Tips To Make You A More Responsible iPhone Owner

Over the years, e-wastes have strongly become the ultimate environmental nemesis. Millions and millions of those discarded electronic devices and components pile up in the local dumpsite and can possibly make their way to land and water reservoir, contaminating our natural resources. This practice of hoarding and throwing is indeed contradictory to our collective aspirations- to ensure a sustainable future for all living creations.

Cash for iPhones, a well-known iPhone refurbishing company based in Reno, Nevada, shares the same aspiration as well, and works toward its fulfillment by giving the customers an attractive choice of selling used, old, and broken iPhone for cash. The sold iPhone units and parts get repaired and refurbished so that they will still circulate in the market, thus reducing the demand for more iPhone and iPhone parts production. Imagine how this seemingly little solution can give Mother Earth a hearty breather. The planet’s natural treasures will multiply and can offer enough raw materials for us to use wisely and healthily.

Because Apple Inc. is popular for manufacturing and distributing a large number of iPhone units every year, the company resolves to focus on this consumer market alone and persuade iPhone users to sell old and broken iPhones for a multitude of benefits:

  • Competitively HIGH QUOTES
  • FREE SHIPPING privileges
  • QUICK turnaround TIME; and
  • EASY PAYMENT options (Company Check or PayPal)

Save for our sincere intentions of maintaining the Green sense in everybody, we also erase all possible factors that hinder you to not get a quote and submit your iPhone for inspection. We filtered out all the unnecessary forms, trimmed the process, and repackaged the benefits that truly matter to you as our customer.

The CFI infographics below illustrates how millions of iPhones can inflict grave consequences to the environment and some suggestions on how to embrace the ‘Green Apple’ approach not only on iPhones but across all iDevices.

Green Apple

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