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Sept 2012

Get It While It's Hot

The Apple brand being what it is, the iPhone 5 is priced just a bit more than smartphones from other manufacturers. Still, the allure of the product is so undeniably strong that many consumers have been saving up all those months in preparation of an iPhone 5 purchase.

That said, whether you've managed to scrounge up enough money or not, there is a way for you to earn some fast cash. Head over to our site,, and sell your old iPhone 4 or 4S to us. You'll receive top dollar for it while receiving the very best in customer service.

Business transactions are hassle-free. We offer free shipping; we even throw in the shipping box at no extra cost. Just get a quote from our site, wait for a few days, and get your money. It's that simple.

We promise only the utmost customer satisfaction, and we take great measures to ensure that promise is kept.

Just like Apple."

Original story: Yahoo News

Oct 2011

10 Things to Do with Your Obsolete iPhone 4 from CashForIphones Now That the iPhone 4S is Here

RENO, Nev., Oct. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Our houses, pockets and bags are filled with gadgets. We collect them, placing ever growing faith in their sleek metallic casings and cleverly designed features, and we upgrade them as often as our bank balance will allow; justification be damned!

10 Things to Do with Your Obsolete iPhone 4 from CashForIphones Now That the iPhone 4S is Here

Out of this multitude of gadgets, one rises above all others – the mobile phone. Smartphones, and in particular the iPhone, have become an ubiquitous part of our lives, and their capabilities have become so far reaching that their presence at our sides is only likely to grow.


With every new release comes new features, faster connection speeds and better functionality, and with the launch of the iPhone 4S, many of us are sat there thinking, "I want one, but what do I do with the old one?" While it would be easy to throw it into a drawer "just in case," actually putting to practical use is not only the smart thing to do, it also helps us rationalize our desire by turning want into need and allowing us the luxury of upgrading, guilt free. So with that in mind, here are ten things you can do with your iPhone 4:


1. Use it as a universal remote – take advantage of the range of apps and accessories available in the market to convert your iPhone into a universal remote and control your environment through your phone;

2. Use it as your personal music library – we don't upgrade iPods as often as we do iPhones, so converting your iPhone 4 into a dedicated music library and player gives you an upgraded gadget at no cost!

3. Use it as a medical emergency reference guide – know how to proceed when faced with everything from cuts and bruises to life threatening symptoms of stroke and heart attack by using the "Pocket First Aid and CPR Guide" on the iPhone 4. Keep it handy, and keep your family safer;

4. Sell it – and not for spare change either. Selling your iPhone makes sense both from a financial and an environmental point of view, and while there are a number of ways you can sell it, the most lucrative of these is through a site like Sell your iPhone 4, cash the check, buy your iPhone 4S; what could be simpler!

5. Use it as a personal trainer – with apps that provide workout playlists, motivational tips and coaching geared at getting you moving, your iPhone 4 might just be the reason you get off the couch today;

6. Use it as a camera – the iPhone 4 has some pretty impressive camera specifications, and with a few add-ons, such as bespoke lenses, negates the need for a digital camera, saving you money;

7. Use it as a personal dietician – download a calorie counter and a diet tracker and take control of your eating habits; program the iPhone to keep yourself on track and never wonder off course;

8. Use it as an alcohol unit counter – never be over the limit by allowing your iPhone 4 to keep you accountable. The "Can I Drive Yet" app will let you know what your blood alcohol level is and when you're able to drive, keeping everyone safe!

9. Use it as a scanner – save space and money by converting your iPhone 4 into a portable scanner with "Genius Scan" and manage your files, and workspace more effectively;

10. Use it as a hiking guide – with over 220,000 miles of trails, campgrounds and picnic areas listed, "AccuTerra On-Demand" is the perfect hiking companion on your iPhone 4 and as an added bonus, it means you can leave your new, shiny iPhone 4S safe and sound at home!

Now that all the options are laid out, all that's left to do is count down the days until we can get our hands on the iPhone 4S on the 14th of October, after all, we've got the advantage of being able to justify it now!

So, what will you do with your iPhone 4?

Based in Reno, Nev., Cash for iPhones is one of four sites offering top dollar for working and non-working electronics. The company also operates,,,, and

Jan 2011

Source: CNN Money
The cost of switching your AT&T iPhone to Verizon

"What condition is your current iPhone in? Surprisingly, this could save you a lot of money. With Verizon's Trade-In Program, a 16 GB iPhone 4 in pristine condition could get you as much as $212 towards a Verizon gift card, which you can use towards your new iPhone and plan. A 32 GB iPhone 4 in excellent condition could be worth $285.

That takes care of a big chunk of the cost of switching.

If you have an older iPhone, you could still get a good deal. A 16 GB iPhone 3GS could get you up to $116, and a 16 GB iPhone 3G could be worth up to $60.

You could also try your luck selling your old iPhone on eBay, Craigslist or any number of trade-in sites like Gazelle, NextWorth"

Original story: CNN Money

June 2010

Wall Street Journal
Cash for iPhones Offering Top Dollar for Used or Broken iPhone 3Gs

SPARKS, Nev., June 24, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- The reputable company Cash for iPhones is offering top prices for used or broken iPhone 3Gs, with an expected influx of iPhone 3G sellers with the release of the iPhone 4G today.

Cash for iPhones is offering $400 for the iPhone 3G 32 GB in excellent condition and $200 for the 16 GB in excellent condition. Prices vary for used or broken iPhones.

Apple is not offering trade-ins for the old iPhones, and with a reported 600,000 backorders for the 4.0, many sellers are expected to flood the market with their old iPhones.

Cash for iPhones provides online quotes and sends the pre-paid packaging for the seller to use for free shipping. Sellers are paid by check or Paypal, whichever they prefer.

Based in Sparks, Nev., Cash for iPhones is one of four sites offering top dollar for working and non-working electronics. The company also operates,, and

Original story: Wall Street Journal

November 2009

Top Name Cash for Electronics Sites Offering Faster Payments

RENO, Nev., Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Four top-name cash for electronics sites are now making faster payments using PayPal so that customers can have the money from their old laptops, iPhones, BlackBerrys and Blackberrys within five days of getting an online quote.

The sites offering this fast service are , , and, all reputable sites that guarantee to offer the best prices for old working or non-working electronics.

All four sites are experiencing a three-fold increase in business this year as consumers are trying to make money from old electronics that they would usually trade in or keep after upgrading or getting something new.

While it used to take up to two weeks to get a check after sending in old electronics, the new PayPal option cuts that time in half. The sites make the process quick, easy and efficient. Once a customer receives a quote, the site sends a postage-paid envelope for shipping. Within a few days, the satisfied customer has the cash in-hand.

When any of the sites receives the old electronics, they immediately erase all data. The computers, iPhones, Smartphones and BlackBerrys are either refurbished for re-sale or disposed of properly. Cash for Laptops also donates hundreds of laptops every year to social service organizations.

Original story: Forbes

May 2009

Websites Offer Best Prices for Old Electronics

Consumers find great way to preserve environment, avoid e-waste disposal fee and even make money in poor economy

SPARKS, Nev., April 23, 2009 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Forrest Johnson of Houston had an old broken computer and tried to sell it for some extra cash. He had no luck with selling it locally and then turned to

One week later, he had a check in hand for $175. When he contacted Cash for Laptops for a quote, he was skeptical because he didn't expect so much money for an old IBM R40.

"I thought it might be a hoax," he said. "But they were super professional and sent a pre-paid packaged box for me to send the computer back to them. The service was very easy." The Sparks, Nev.-based Cash for Laptops has seen a 35 percent increase in business this year, said General Manager Becky Wright. She attributes that to the economy. The company has added employees and plans to do more hiring.

The site and several others that it operates is a great way to get rid of old electronics and preserve the environment. More than 2 million tons of electronic waste fills U.S. landfills every year. Only 11 percent of old electronics are recycled. Studies show that old computers have toxic components that can actually cause fatal lung, kidney and liver problems. California in particular has stringent electronic waste legislation. In 2005, consumers had to begin paying a fee to dispose of e-waste.

Even beyond the environmental aspect, in this economy just about everyone could benefit from making easy money. Cash for Laptops (, Cash for iPhones (, Cash for Berrys ( and Cash for Smartphones ( are guaranteed to offer the best prices for the old working or non-working electronics. The company, founded in 2001, is based in Sparks, Nev.

Daniel Kim of Tustin, Calif. turned to, to sell his first generation 16 GB iPhone.

"I received $299 from Cash for iPhones and it was $100 more than another site I looked at," he said. "The whole process was really easy. I got my check less than a week after I sent my old iPhone."

Nate Yutzy of Wooster, OH, contacted Cash for Laptops to sell his faulty Compaq X1000. He received a check for $230.

"I was pleased with the amount that I received," he said. "The process was extremely easy." When any of the sites receives the old electronics, they immediately erase all data. The computers, iPhones, Smartphones and Blackberries are either refurbished for re-sale or disposed of properly. Cash for Laptops also donates hundreds of laptops every year to social service organizations.

Original story: Forbes

March 2009

Northern Nevada Business Weekly
Cash-strapped consumers turn to laptops recycler

Cash For Laptops wants you to clean out your closet — for cash. Since the recession sent people scrambling to replace lost income, the Sparks recycling company has seen a spike in business. January and February brought a 35 percent increase and March another 20 percent, says General Manager Becky Wright.

To handle the onslaught, it’s increased staff at the Sparks facility to a dozen, up from five last October. Wright says, "I'm interviewing constantly."

The company pays around $175 for the average laptop, but up to $700 for some better models. Sellers type product specs into an online form and get back a price quote. If they choose to proceed, Cash For Laptops sends out a postage paid shipping box, to be sent back via UPS.

Sellers must access a separate site for various devices: Laptops at, iPhones at, Blackberries at and Smartphones at

The old electronics don't even have to work. But sellers should acknowledge the fact. When items are received, says Wright, "Thirty percent of the time there’s more wrong with it, so we offer a lesser quote. Usually, they say OK, because they’d forgotten that it was broken. But if not, we just send it back to them."

Conversely, she adds, if the item proves to be better than specified, perhaps with a larger display screen, a larger check is sent.

"We're honest with our customers," says Wright.

However, the dishonest had better not lift laptops to sell for scrap.

"We keep records," says Wright, "and if something sounds suspicious, we notify police in that area."

The company is proud of its environmental stance. Up to 90 percent of the take is straight-cycled, she adds. For example, a keyboard is not melted down but is reused as a keyboard. Nationwide, only 11 percent of old electronics are recycled, while over 2 million tons of electronic waste is buried in landfills every year.

When the company receives the old electronic device, it first scours the hard drive of all data. The items are then refurbished for re-sale or sold to wholesale recyclers. Resale markets include low-income people and non-profit organizations.

Cash for Laptops, founded in 2001, calls itself the first company to offer cash for old computers. Among its 20,000 customers, says Wright, are Californians who face steep fines for failure to recycle.

But it advertises nationwide, where the tech-heads go: On radio and the Web, where it also maintains a presence on MySpace and Facebook.

But forget that big bulky box in the far back of the closet — the old desktop computer. “There’s not much of a market to recycle desktops,” says Wright.

February 2009

Cash4Laptops Fights the Economic Crisis and E-Waste Issues in Support of America's People

With the United States dealing with its worst economic situation in nearly 30 years, and still no resolution to the e-waste crisis that is building at an alarming rate, Cash4Laptops is offering a service to Americans and the Planet that can single-handedly be a massive aid to many.

Reno, Nev (PRWeb), February 4th 2009 – Cash4Laptops has for many years realized the challenges in encouraging people to recycle their old, used and broken laptops and electronic equipment. Over 2 million tons of electronic waste is being disposed of each year, making up 44% of unused electronics; only 11% are recycled, with the remaining number going into storage facilities, and much of this disposed of in the future.

As always, Cash4Laptops appreciates that with the recycling figure being so low, drastic action is needed by the people of America to raise this number and reduce the effect that the toxic and hazardous substances have on the planet and the people – many components of a laptop computer can, if not disposed of correctly, cause lung, kidney and liver problems of which some can prove fatal.

Combining this problem with the economic and financial crisis that America is facing, which seems to have no end and affects the people more everyday, Cash4Laptops urges people to make better use of the services they provide. The company buys old, used or broken laptops from the public and businesses to avoid them being disposed of incorrectly.

This service is, and has always been, beneficial to the environment, but with an increasing number of computers and a decreasing number of units recycled the impact will be drastic. The fact that a financial reward is paid for the laptop is something that people need to take heed of, and in this unstable financial crisis they can also benefit – providing a win-win situation for all, which is Cash4Laptops' goal.

In a statement from Becky Wright, General Manger of Cash4Laptops she commented “The rapidly expanding waste issue and the crisis we are being faced with in America means that the recycling of goods and being rewarded for it is now more valuable to the public and companies than ever before.” And then she went on to remind us, “These are two issues that need to be faced and will not be solved without action.”

The process that is undertaken to increase the life of laptops and electronic devices is simple, and can be commenced with a simple form being filled in by the individual or business that is looking to dispose of their no longer needed or wanted goods online. The company then mails out a prepaid and insured packaging box for the customer to return the quoted items.

The Cash4Laptops technicians carry out the required work on each laptop immediately upon receipt, and this includes erasing all personal information and data stored on the hard drive to ensure client privacy is maintained at an extremely high level. Once this process is complete a check is mailed out for the payment as quoted prior to submission of the laptop or other electronic devices that are traded.

To assist in the promotion of recycling electronic goods including broken, used or unwanted iPhones, Blackberries and Smartphones, among other electronic devices, Cash4Laptops has established several websites and blogs to raise awareness to the online community.

About Cash4Laptops Inc:Cash4Laptops has been established since 2001. They have perfected the process of recycling used and broken laptops, and have now initiated this process with a variety of electronic devices to help individuals and businesses benefit from their broken, used or unwanted electronic goods by disposing of them in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, and being rewarded with a cash payment for it. Their efforts in this have left them as one of the leading companies in their industry.

August 2008

Sell Laptop? Go Green and Get Green

Cash4Laptops' purchase program offers an environmentally friendly alternative to tossing laptops in the trash and creating more e-waste by helping you sell your laptop.

Reno, NV (PRWEB) August 20, 2008 -- When it comes to disposing of an old or outdated laptop, the first option for almost all Americans has simply been to toss it in the trash. But now there is an eco-friendly and profitable alternative to the trash - cash., one of the nation's most trusted and dependable solutions in the laptop refurbishment industry, today announced a campaign to encourage computer users worldwide to sell laptops they no longer need, instead of contributing to the growing global problem of e-waste.

"When a laptop is no longer of use to its owner, the most practical and environmentally sensible solution is to sell that laptop," said Dave Kruch, chief executive officer of Cash4Laptops. "If you're replacing an old laptop, selling it makes profoundly more sense than throwing it away. One, you can get some cash for it, and two, when you sell your laptop it helps alleviate a rapidly expanding waste issue."

When a laptop is no longer of use to its owner, the most practical and environmentally sensible solution is to sell that laptop.

If you're replacing an old laptop, selling it makes profoundly more sense than throwing it away. One, you can get some cash for it, and two, when you sell your laptop it helps alle- viate a rapidly expanding waste issue.

In 2005, used or unwanted electronics amounted to approximately 1.9 to 2.2 million tons, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Of that, about 1.5 to 1.9 million tons were primarily discarded in landfills, and only 345,000 to 379,000 tons were recycled. Exactly how they are being recycled is a troubling problem in itself, as most laptops are sent to developing nations that effectively serve as dumping grounds for e-waste.

Extending the life of a laptop is what Cash4Laptops accomplishes. With a user-friendly four-step process, Cash4Laptops accepts just about any laptop or notebook - working or not. When an owner or business is ready to sell one or multiple laptops, the first step in the process is to fill out a quote online at Sell Laptop. An instant quote will be provided with the amount Cash4Laptops will pay for the laptop.

The Nevada-based company mails a pre-paid box and shipping label to send the laptop, which can either be dropped off at any UPS location or picked up by the package delivery company. For other devices, USPS is used. Once the laptop is received, the technicians fully erase and reformat each and every hard disk before processing the laptop. Cash4Laptops will then send out a check for payment on the following business day.

"We've made the entire process extremely easy with a website that's very user-friendly," said Kruch. "Consumers can expect a quick turnaround from the time we receive their laptop to the time they get their check. Cash4Laptops has been in business since 2001, and it's because consumers like our service, trust our company, and are confident that we will continue to maintain the highest levels of security and adhere to the most stringent business standards in the industry."

About Cash4Laptops, Inc.: Founded in 2001, Cash4Laptops helps individuals and businesses quickly and easily turn used or non-working laptops into cash. Our service has been perfected over the years and the results lie in our satisfied customers. Our customers can expect to receive the exact amount we quote in the shortest possible time.

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