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The iPhone and the World


No other product stirs up a storm like the iPhone. Love it or hate it, the iPhone made Apple one of the most profitable and most valuable companies today. Record breaking sales of their most recent iPhone have sent their profits through the roof. Rivalries intensified ever since Apple’s iPhone was introduced. Apple vs. Samsung, Apple vs. Android, you name it, Apple’s in it.



It all started when Apple first released the iPod, along with the iTunes. Everyone loved the iPod so much it became a cultural phenomenon. The iPod kept us glued to our earphones and as a result, we’ve seen plenty of people bumping into poles more often than ever. It even changed the music industry and how music is purchased.



After the iPod shook up the market, Apple set its sights on another market – telecommunications. The whole world thought that Apple moving into mobile phones was a crazy idea. Who would want to buy a telephone made by a company known for audio players and computers?



Needless to say, the iPhone, like the iPod, became a cultural phenomenon. People just can’t get enough of it. The first time the iPhone was released, people were so crazy about it. It was even hailed as the “Jesus Phone” thanks to the hype made by diehard Apple fans.



Aside from the iPod, Apple now has another product that never fails to find its way into our hands.



The iPhone was something the world hadn’t seen before – millions of people going crazy over a phone! Apple definitely put the “smart” in the smartphone. The world discovered that there’s more to a phone than just texting and calling.



Why is the iPhone so messianic anyway? Of course, all fingers point to the great design that’s in line with the look of other Apple products, and most importantly, the software that made the phone so revolutionary. It’s very easy to use and most of all, engaging.



How many people around the world bought the iPhone? Oh, just about 256 million people, and that includes you! That’s more iPhones than other countries! It’s even close to catching up with the population of the United States. With the release of the next iPhone, it’ll surely surpass that number!



It’s crazy to think you’d want to sell your iPhone for anything else, especially since the iPhone is a wonderful product. You get the whole deal when you buy the iPhone.



You know this is true. You get business and productivity apps, games, a wonderful camera, music player and a cell phone all wrapped in a nice package. Truly, the iPhone is a wonder to behold.



The iPhone and the Environment



However, the iPhone poses great risks to the environment. Impressive as it is, the iPhone certainly does not make Mother Nature happy. Imagine, with 256 million iPhones in the world, how many million iPhones out there have been tossed in the trash because they got wet or broken? Not to mention the number of perfectly good iPhones discarded just because newer generations were introduced. No one has an exact figure, but it’s estimated that more than 30 million iPhones were discarded for those reasons alone.



What does this have to do with the human race? One thing is for sure – there’s one new problem that’s been making a lot of headlines lately, and that is e–waste. It’s a short term for ‘electronic waste.’ Basically, electronic waste constitutes gadgets that run on electricity. That includes iPhones, monitors, computer parts, televisions, microwaves, refrigerators, and basically everything else that uses electricity.



Think about it. When you sell your iPhone it gets discarded along with other electronic devices. We’re basically drowning in a pile of scrap metal as time goes by. In the future, Earth will look like the Earth in Pixar’s Wall–E.



E–waste poses serious threats to the environment. They contain a variety of elements that are very dangerous when the device gets damaged. When the natural environment is exposed to these elements, it disrupts the ecosystem in its location, greatly damaging the soil, plants and water supply.



Here’s a short list of harmful elements commonly found in electronics:


  1. Lead
  2. Beryllium
  3. Arsenic
  4. Mercury
  5. Antimony
  6. Cadmium


Think about it. Not only are these elements found in the iPhone, but they’re found in virtually every other gadget out there, and thousands of devices get discarded each day. Imagine the impact on the environment!



The iPhone and the Human Body



So what do all of these fancy elements do to us anyway? Well, there are a wide variety of dangerous effects when being exposed to these elements.



Take a look for yourself:



  1. Lead

    Used in soldering to connect components to circuit boards, lead is very harmful. It can damage the nervous system, cause retardation, damage to the kidneys and can cause seizures.

  2. Arsenic

    You may have watched movies use arsenic to poison the hero. It’s true, arsenic is extremely poisonous. If it does not immediately cause death, other effects include heart disease, cancer and stroke.It is commonly found in semiconductors and IC’s of gadgets.

  3. Mercury

    Commonly found in monitors, and other internal components, this gooey silvery stuff is very hazardous. Depending on the degree of exposure, effects include memory loss and sensory impairment.

  4. Beryllium

    Commonly found in battery contacts and electrical connectors, this corrosive element presents harmful dangers when inhaled. It can cause beryllium poisoning, damaging the lungs and can cause lung cancer.



With all these elements, it’s scary to think that people are actually exposed to this stuff every day, and we interact with these things daily! What about the other elements with fancy names? Who knows what they can do to our body!



Your iPhone and What You Can Do



So what can you do to prevent all of these nasty elements from making their way into our ecosystem? Well, you can choose to send your iPhone to your local recycling center. There’s a much better way though – sell your iPhone to CashForiPhones. You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone here. Not only will you be recycling your iPhone, you’ll also get cash in return!



Wait, why do that in the first place?? Because the mobile phone is the most discarded type of e–waste. It’s easy to throw in the thrash and is easily replaceable. A cellular phone typically lasts a couple of years, while bigger devices such as computers tend to live longer.



If you have an old iPhone, CashForiPhones makes it easy for you because we offer the fastest and most reliable service. Best of all, we offer the best prices for any kind of iPhone in any condition.



Yes, you’ve read that right. We purchase iPhones in any condition– even if it’s broken!



Who knew that getting rid of devices would be so rewarding?



The Obstacle Course of Selling Online



At Cash for iPhones, we understand that transacting online is a taxing thing to do. When you sell your iPhone online, you have a multitude of options. You can go to online marketplaces, advertise on forums and other stuff like that.



There’s a sizeable amount of preparation when you sell your iPhone online. First, you have to take pictures to show authenticity. Another thing that you need to do is collect everything iPhone–related. You have to get the box, the cables, and the peripherals and take pictures of them too. Apple buyers are a very meticulous bunch, and they can be very demanding when it comes to authentic Apple products.



Now, when you’re done with that, you need to wait for a buyer! That can take days, or even weeks. Oh, and don’t forget that you have to price your iPhone accordingly. You don’t want to price your iPhone too high, because no one will buy it. You also don’t want to price your iPhone too low because you won’t make a profit.



Ah, and let’s not forget about those annoying hagglers. These people are time consumers. They always want to ask for such huge discounts that you might as well give it to them for free! These people really take the fun out of selling.



Finally, don’t forget that you have to meet with the buyer if you have agreed on that! You could be in danger. Places like Craigslist are notorious for criminals. You don’t want to transact in those places!



Who knew that selling something as simple as an iPhone online would be such a drag?



The Cash for iPhones Way



When you’re going to sell your iPhone at Cash for iPhones, you don’t have to go through all of that anymore!



On our website, all you need to do is follow these instructions:



  1. Get a quote

    Just enter what iPhone model you have, and indicate if it has scratches, a damaged screen and if the battery is bad. Afterwards, your quote will be displayed.

  2. Wait for the box

    After filling out the shipping form, we’ll send you a box free of charge! Just place your iPhone in the box, and mail it back to us.

  3. Receive your cash

    Once we receive your iPhone, we’ll inspect it and immediately mail you the cash via check or through PayPal.



You just need to follow these three easy steps. It’s that simple. Say goodbye to annoying buyers, taking pictures of your phone and waiting for a serious buyer to consider your phone. Best of all, the shipping is trackable, so no need to worry about your iPhone getting lost in the vastness of America!



The Cash for iPhones Guarantee



How can we guarantee that our business is legitimate? It’s really simple. Just take a look at the credentials of our website.



You’ll see that we have two of the most important certifications for online businesses, TRUSTe and VeriSign. This means that we protect the private data of our customers with the utmost care and dedication.



We also have our toll–free number displayed at the top of the website. You can also email us for any inquiries and we’ll make sure to answer to the best of our ability.



Keeping in line with our environmental goals, our site is also proud to be a Green Certified Site. That means we operate our hardware with the smallest carbon footprint possible. Rest assured that we take environmentalism seriously.



You might wonder though, what happens when your iPhone arrives at our facilities?



Well, the first thing we do is inspect your phone and see if it’s in line with the description you sent us online. After that, we perform a clean wipe on the phone’s memory. Of course, you can also create a backup or delete your iPhone’s memory before you send it to us, and we’ll erase it again just to double check.



When all of that’s finished, we’ll send you your money immediately!



But what about all that talk about environmentalism we mentioned earlier? At Cash for iPhones, every iPhone we purchase from consumers is scrutinized for spare parts.



These spare parts will be used for iPhones that need repairs. The ones that don’t get used, we recycle. Rest assured that they won’t end up in a landfill.



Sell Your iPhone Now!



What are you waiting for? Go ahead and sell your iPhone at Cash for iPhones now!



We guarantee the best service and the best price for all iPhone owners out there. You better make a move now, because when the next iPhone comes out, your old iPhone’s value will drop significantly.



Remember, at Cash for iPhones – no more pictures, no more annoying buyers. It’s just you helping the environment while making a lot of money along the way.