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Sell your iPhone Best Practices


There is no right or wrong way to sell your iPhone. In fact, iPhone selling could be considered one of the most profitable activities that any smartphone fanatic can try because the demand for Apple products, especially the iPhone almost never ceases.


In fact, reports say that early this year, more than 30% of Americans with smartphones are using an iPhone. With all the hype surrounding the iPhone, you can be sure that selling an iPhone would be a breeze, especially if it’s in very good condition. However, the success of it all starts with YOU.


Being a seller is no easy task. You have a lot of things to do other than prepping your device for selling. If you’re planning on upgrading to newer model, expect things to be twice as hard because you’ll be setting a target amount for your next purchase.

Again, it’s not an easy task but it is very possible. How? Let’s just say that just like in all things, there are ways to make iPhone selling a big bang for your buck venture. How, you may ask?


Here at Cash for iPhones, we always motivate our sellers to apply the following best practices when it comes to iPhone selling:


BEST PRACTICE # 1: Wipe Your Data.


Whether you decide to sell your iPhone to Cash for iPhones or resolve to put up an online ad for your device, the best practice you should always observe in selling gadgets (whatever gadget that may be) is to wipe away all your data. And by all, we mean EVERYTHING. The discomfort of knowing that somebody can access your most private and personal information will always haunt you until the next user posts your photo in a very compromising way. Let’s all learn the lesson from Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Also, we don’t think that it would be a very pleasant surprise for your buyer to see weird photos and a dozen of messages and contact numbers on the iPhone he or she just bought. As a responsible seller, your job is to make sure that your iPhone is in a default setting, leaving only the basic apps like Mail, Address Book and Calendar on your iPhone. This ensures that you don’t leave behind that old drunken photo of yours during Uncle Harry’s New Year’s Eve party.




Your not-so-traditional family picture wouldn’t make much sense to the new iPhone owner.



BEST PRACTICE # 2: Know What Your iPhone Is Worth.



No matter where you plan to sell your iPhone, it goes without saying that the pricing of your old gadget depends on its current market value which YOU as the seller are fully responsible for. You can’t go around asking for 500 bucks for your old iPhone 3GS, no matter how carefully you used it in the past. In the same way, you can’t ask your buyer to give you at least 400 bucks for an iPhone 4S that has a scratched up or discolored screen. There is a very wide range of pricing for iPhone models, and the best practice that you need to learn for iPhone selling is knowing fully well what it’s worth by researching.



Shop around malls to know how much an iPhone of the same model as yours is worth. Look around eBay and do some canvassing on online prices. Check out other sites that buy iPhones and see what they offer for an iPhone with the same condition as yours. If you have friends who are technicians and are experts in iPhones, you can show them your iPhone and ask them how much they’ll pay for it if it were for sale! This way you can get a heads up on the money that you’ll be expecting to receive and know immediately if what you can bargain for is a good deal or not.

Angry Man



“$200? Do you want your face to end up like this?”



BEST PRACTICE # 3: Do a Background Check.



One of the most important practices you must never skip when you sell your iPhone is to do a background check on your buyer. This applies well when you’re buying or selling through online markets such as eBay or Craigslist because the people you meet on these e-commerce sites are practically strangers. Consumer to consumer selling is an easy avenue to sell your iPhone but not a very safe one at that. This is because while it sounds easy to sell to people like you (who are not exactly professional sellers but are good buyers), there are still not enough people out there to deal with. If you don’t want to lose your iPhone to a perfect conman, you better activate your dog sniffing abilities and see if this person or company you’ll be dealing with has a clean reputation. Try checking your buyer’s eBay account and make sure he or she is a high-feedback buyer. A little bit of stalking isn’t really a bad thing when you’re trying to protect yourself from scammers who would try to give you a run for your money; something you must never think twice about.




“Nice photos, Mr. Buyer. Now can I have my iPhone back?”



BEST PRACTICE # 4: Know the Costs of iPhone Selling Ventures



If you think that the only thing you have to deal with when you sell your iPhone is the negotiation between you and your buyer, you probably haven’t even tried selling a rubber ducky on eBay. Most auctions sites would require you to pay for a small fee for every ad you post for your iPhone. Some may give it to you free but every other transaction requires a ‘small fee’ which would not really make the whole iPhone selling process profitable for you. Also, you have to advertise your iPhone as if it is the best deal on earth to make it attractive to eBay buyers.



This is also something that most people aren’t aware of but did you know that eBay has the power to reassign you to a certain page in their search results if you deviate in pricing? This means that you can be out of the top pages if your price is either too high or too low; at least this is a price regulation that big eBay stores experience on a daily basis. You also have to write ads, communicate with different people, prep your device and find a shipping service or do meet ups. Oh, and of course you have to do a lot of correspondence like answering emails and answering the phone for buyers who might inquire about the iPhone that you put up for sale.



As a seller you also have to shoulder the shipping fees and all the other fees connected to the transaction. While all of these things seem normal for anyone who wants to go into the iPhone selling venture, there are definitely easier ways for you to sell your iPhone. To do away with the hassles of iPhone selling, the best practice you should try is to sell your iPhone to refurbishment sites like Cash for iPhones.




“Sold! At lowest price with a freebie cat!”



BEST PRACTICE # 5: Know the Risks of iPhone Selling.



Hold your horses, kid. Before you even start to sell your iPhone, you have to be very sure about jumping into the iPhone selling bandwagon because it entails a lot of risks. People who sell iPhones on auction sites like eBay, for example, have to be very careful because the site doesn’t provide protection for their users. Scammers and fraud transactions are also threats that all sellers are very cautious of when transacting online. While eBay and Craigslist have been recommended time and again to be the best places to sell your iPhone, there are hundreds of people out there who have experienced the perils of transacting through these sites.But what exactly are you risking with these auctions sites?




On eBay, you may risk:



  • Not getting the price you want for your iPhone because you have to price competitively especially if your item will be sold under the ‘Buy It Now’ option.
  • Getting scammed or getting bogus buyers.
  • Losing your money and time in setting up an ad for your iPhone because you have to shoulder PayPal processing fees, shipping fees and other advertising fees.



On Craigslist, you may risk:



  • Still not getting what your iPhone is really worth.
  • Getting scammed.
  • Selling your iPhone to fraudulent buyers.
  • Your safety. (Because some bad people can pick up your address on your Craigslist ad and do bad things to you and your family. Believe us, it happens.)
  • Getting email scams (something Craigslist is known for).



There is so much more we didn’t list in there about the cons of iPhone selling through auction sites but knowing the precautions is your responsibility. The best way to avoid all these risks is to sell your iPhone to reputable and credible refurbishment companies like Cash for iPhones! At CFI, we take away all the burden and worries you have with online selling by making sure that you are protected from scamming, fraudulent transactions and poor pricing. Our team of iPhone experts makes sure that every iPhone that comes to our hands is rid of personal data and double checked just to make sure your privacy and identity are secure. We also have a team of pricing experts who ensure that our price for every iPhone model is the most competitive in the market. Our partners from TRUSTe and VeriSign and our loyal customers can testify that we are a legit company!



Here are a few more tips on what you SHOULDN’T DO if you want to sell your iPhone.






  • Forget to wipe your iPhone clean of any personal data
  • State false claims on your iPhone’s physical and functional condition
  • Skip on researching your iPhone’s worth
  • Pack your iPhone too loosely when shipping
  • Put your personal addresses on auction site ads
  • Forget to bring someone with you when you go to meet-ups
  • Trust anyone instantly!



A To-Do List Before Selling Your iPhone



Selling Your iPhone: PRE TRANSACTION



Organizational skills shouldn’t only be limited among presidents, CEOs, and managers. In the grand scheme of things, being organized and prepared can come in handy for little things like studying, camping, cooking meals, etc. It’s a universal competency that we should master while we are still young.



It’s not hard to master



Contrary to popular belief, a person of success is an airtight formulation of someone with impeccable wisdom, hard-knocking experience and profound intellectual capabilities. This is definitely a shallow notion of success. Truth be told, success comes to those people who unquestionably follow a set of time- tested disciplines, and two of them are ORGANIZATION and PREPAREDNESS.



The dictionary definition of success is ‘a progressive realization of a predetermined goal’. If you want to be successful—be it in big or small pursuits—you need to PREPARE for the opportunity to come, and ORGANIZE stuff so that you can handle the challenges well.



These two principles hold true even if the task is as mundane as selling your iPhone!



Getting Organized…One of the best adjectives to keep in mind when selling your iPhone is the word organized. In fact, it is a crucial stage that needs a whole lot of attention before you can proceed to the next stages. Do not worry: Once you go past this phase, the ease of the entire process is already guaranteed! Take our word for it!



So how can you be organized when selling your iPhone?



If the online company that you choose is Cash for iPhones, the answer is kick-ass easy!



You don’t have to submit to the rigors of selling your iPhone! Go directly to and let us do the dirty work for you!



But before we jump in there, here are…



The Secrets to Being a Good Salesman



Okay, whether you like to admit it or not, the fact that you want to get cash for that old iPhone means you have to be the best salesman for your merchandise, and you have to pull those strange and off-the-wall marketing strategies to snag the best price for your device.



But it doesn’t have to be that way, pal. All you need to know are the ins and outs of the refurbishing industry. Lucky you, Cash for iPhones is here to act as your tour guide on this awesome moneymaking opportunity.



1. Assess your iPhone Determine the iPhone model, version, and its general condition


  • iPhone Classic
  • iPhone 2G
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S


  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • AT&T


  • 4GB
  • 8GB
  • 16GB
  • 32GB
  • 64GB


  • Does it look new?
  • Does it have scratches, dents, or welts?
  • Is the display broken?
  • Is the battery working?
  • Are there internal defects?

2. Gather all the phone accessories Basically, if you can complete the set in the box, and you are willing to submit it together with your phone, you have better chances of bringing home a lot of money when you sell your iPhone.

These are all the accessories you can find:

  • Stereo Headset- for music and phone calls
  • Dock- connects to your charger and computer
  • Dock Connector- connects to your computer to sync and charge
  • USB Power Adapter- connects to the power outlet for charging
  • Polishing Cloth- for wiping the iPhone screen
  • SMS Eject Tool*- for ejecting the SIM card from the phone’s body.

[Note: * not included with iPhone purchase in some countries]

3. Compare ‘Quotes’ for it on different buyback sites Selling your iPhone means getting the best price for that hard-earned gizmo. And this entails looking for the best place to trade your iPhone.

We give you some of the prospects of which services you can try for reference and comparison:


These are the more popular sites when it comes to iPhone buyback programs. Everything else is secondary.

Compare prices and see which company gives the highest quote for the specific iPhone model and version that you own.

4. Check if the websites you’ve visited are legit Remember that it is just a QUOTE and you can only get it if how you describe your device matches the actual state of the gizmo once it is shipped to the company’s facilities and it gets inspected. The price can be subject to change for various reasons like the actual cosmetic and functionality condition, the condition after transit, etc.

GET YOUR QUOTE from Cash for iPhones!

Make sure that in selling your iPhone, you have done the necessary background check on the site. You can visit some reviews and blog forums that speak of the credibility and legitimacy of the firm. You can learn a lot from the views, commentaries, and experiences of fellow iPhone sellers. At Cash for iPhones, though, all business transactions are secure because it is certified by various industry standards and its webpage is embedded with trust symbols like VeriSign Secured, TRUSTe, and Green Certified.




Now, that we know the prerequisites of selling an old iPhone, let’s get right to the beef!



Selling your iPhone Checklist:



Are you ready to get it on?



Here is a selling checklist that you can use when you feel there’s no stopping you from selling that gizmo online:



  1. Choose the Best Site.

    If through horrid chance you weren’t able to compare quotes from different sites, don’t feel glum. You can carry out a simple and speedy comparison by checking out the sites we mentioned earlier. It is a must that you do an honest and accurate evaluation of the device because it needs to match the assessment of the technicians from these companies.

    iPhone Quote

    Figure : Cash for iPhones Estimator Step 2: This is the full price you can get if your iPhone 4S AT&T 64GB 'powers on and works fine'.

    Fortunately at Cash for iPhones, we stick closely to the QUOTE we give to our customers. It is our advocacy to reward the people who opt for the best choice in selling an iPhone for recycling and refurbishment. And we want to reward them with the best quotes we can offer. Since 2008, Cash for iPhones has been the one that makes ‘a used, old, or broken gadget’ a true blessing in disguise!

  2. Don’t Set Your Expectations Too High.

    When you have to sell your iPhone, don’t feel bad if you are given a low quote—especially your gadget already looks worn-out even if it was the hottest iPhone model three years ago. It is logical to assume that the more well-maintained the iPhone is, the more you are likely to get from it.

    Also, acknowledge the fact that technicians can detect and discover some defects that you did not know existed when you did your own inspection. If you are equally knowledgeable as they are, you can fight for the quote that they gave you despite their claims otherwise.

    Keep in mind that when it comes to selling your iPhone, the assessment of the technician with the trained eye for devices prevails over your self-assessment or you can always have it shipped back. Luckily at Cash for iPhones, we give reasonable quotes even to the crummiest phones submitted to us. We make sure that we pay you accordingly and let you savor the benefits of recycling and being a practical iPhone user.

    Here at Cash For iPhones, we have a guarantee—accept our best offer or we send you back the iPhone!

  3. Will You Wait Long?

    Nobody likes the waiting game. And this is what Cash for iPhones has successfully improved—the long turn-around time of the process. Our webpage is designed TO NOT MAKE YOU THINK! Yes, once you are there, you will be driven to our call-to-action buttons until you complete the online transaction. As a matter of fact, our process is summarized in these 4 short steps:

    • Indicate the model and condition of the iPhone
    • Click the ‘Get a Quote’ button
    • Fill out the online packaging form (Don’t fret: We take shipping costs off your shoulders!)
    • Get the payment through Company Check or via PayPal

    Cashforiphones Form

    Figure : Cash for iPhones Online Shipping Form

    Getting the payment usually takes 5-7 days after you agree on how much you will be paid. If you choose PayPal, the payment can be in your hands in a matter of hours. This is how convenient selling an iPhone at Cash for iPhones can be!



Selling Your iPhone: POST TRANSACTION



After the transaction, put your iPhone in a shipping box and pack it tightly. Make sure that before you do this, neatly place the gadget inside a smaller box (preferably the Apple box) and stuff some old newspaper around it so that the smaller box will not come into contact with the inner walls of the shipping box. This makes the device damage-proof and reduces the impact of force while it is delivered to our Nevada facility.



Drop it off at the nearest USPS branch and off it goes to our place. Don’t worry: We will give you a tracking number that will notify you via email of the current location of the device in transit. You will know the whereabouts of your device and exactly when the iPhone has reached us where it will be prepped for inspection.



Our CFI customer representatives will guide you in every step of the process until the final price for the device is set. You just have to wait for the cash or Company check to land in your hands!






Selling an iPhone can both be an exciting and daunting experience. Many have been scammed and incredibly lowballed, but if you learn the ins and outs of the smartphone refurbishing industry, you can find your way to the best place to sell an iPhone.



With a stern dedication to planning and organization, you can definitely reach the best site: Cash for iPhones!

Sell your iphone