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How to Sell your iPhone at

So how much do you think your iPhone is worth?

Here’s why you can say that your iPhone is a very valuable device: Have you ever heard of organ thieves? In some parts of the world, like China, they don’t sell iPhone units to get rich quickly; they sell their organs… and someone else’s organs.

In fact, there are people who have been mugged and drugged in alleyways and woke up in gurneys finding out they just lost a kidney. Kidneys have become so valuable on the black market that a 17-year old Chinese kid decided to sell one of his precious kidneys for an iPhone and an iPad. So if you’re thinking that your used iPhone isn’t worth a dime anymore, remember that some people are willing to sell an organ or two for that iPhone.

The iPhone’s Promise

Apple has developed countless products that have changed the way we view the world and connect with people. With the iPhone at the helm of Apple’s success, the tech giant has come a long way from being an ambitious computer manufacturer to the creator of the world’s most influential device.

The iPhone, now considered the world’s number one smartphone, has witnessed five years of unbeatable success. During its opening weekend back in 2007, the iPhone was selling at 25 units per second. In 2011, the iPhone was sold to more than 72 million people, beating the expectations people at Wall Street had set.

Today, Apple is getting so big that having an iPhone means you don’t just get a very efficient tool; you also get an investment with big returns.

You know you can never go wrong if you decide to sell your iPhone because it pays back big-time. Why? Because Apple has made the iPhone such a success that the demand for it never dies down. After a year, your brand new iPhone is as good as all those behind it and it’s about time you think about the returns of such a good investment.

You see, to get good returns from your investment you have to determine the value of your iPhone. Did you know that the greatest factor in figuring out what your iPhone is worth is knowing what you did with it? Its worth is measured by how many times you dropped it on the floor, how much coffee you spilled on it and how many times you left it in the car to bake in the sun.

There’s no short way of saying that your iPhone’s condition is the key to getting good returns when you sell your iPhone. Your iPhone’s condition depends on a lot of factors that may affect its reselling value.

Popular Selling Topics

You can use this CHECKLIST to determine the value of your iPhone:

  • Does it have scratches on the body of the unit or the screen?
  • Does it have LCD screen problems?
  • Is the camera working well?
  • Can the battery still hold up for at least a whole day?
  • Have you ever gotten it wet?
  • Have you ever dropped it?

In a nutshell, your iPhone’s reselling value depends on your unit’s overall state after all the use and abuse it endured in your hands. If you answered ‘YES’ to all the questions above, expect to get a lower price for your device.

But here at Cash for iPhones, we set the DIFFERENCE!

We recognize value in people’s investments no matter how well or how badly you have used it. We give you top dollar for your iPhone regardless of its condition. Our guarantee is an easy breezy, 4-step, one minute process that will give you an idea of how much that used, old or broken iPhone is worth.

If you choose Cash for iPhones, you’ll be entitled to free UPS shipping. We’ll even send you a free protective packaging box as soon as you hit that “Confirm? button in your email! And for what your iPhone is worth, we’re rewarding you with cash that will be sent through PayPal or a Company Check!

At Cash for iPhones, we make sure that you have full access to anything and everything that you have to know once you sell your iPhone to us. We value your iPhone as much as your time, which is why we made the whole ‘sell your iPhone process’ as easy as 1-2-3.

We want to make sure to give you what you need, when you need it, all in one click. Our online transaction starts at our home page, where you see a Quote button that will ask you for your iPhone’s model number.

Just how much are we interested in buying that old, used and broken iPhone? Well, we buy all models of iPhones, with different carriers and memory size. Just select your iPhone’s model number from our comprehensive list, click on ‘Get a Quote’ and in less than 29 seconds you’ll see just how much your iPhone is worth.

On the estimator page you’ll also see a couple of boxes that correspond to your iPhone’s condition. Tick the boxes to let us know what condition your iPhone is in and to see how your iPhone’s worth changes.

Sell your iphone

We buy all sorts of iPhone here!

From mint iPhones just unboxed, to iPhones from cat hell with scratched screens, to smashed iPhones run over by a car, to iPhones that scuba dived in the toilet, we buy iPhones in any condition.

Once you agree to the quotation appropriate to your iPhone model and condition, all you have to do now is to click ‘Continue’ and fill out a short shipping form. It will only ask you the necessary questions such as your name, address and other contact details that are required to make sure your device reaches us safely and accurately.

We stick to asking only basic information about you and we make sure that personal information in our system is secure 24/7. Once we receive your shipping details, Cash for iPhones will be sending you a prepaid box and a free shipping label. Send your iPhone to us by taking the box to the nearest USPS. You can pinpoint the status of your iPhone every step of the way by keeping your tracking number which we will email to you. You can easily check your shipment’s whereabouts through by simply entering your tracking number. You can also try tracing your iPhone through their SMS Tracking or iOS Mobile App!

Once your iPhone reaches our facilities, our IT experts will conduct a thorough cosmetic and functionality inspection. The cosmetic inspection is the process of assessing every inch of your iPhone’s appearance by checking for scratches, screen damage and water damage.

Meanwhile, the functionality inspection is the process of assessing your iPhone’s basic functions including your unit’s charge ports, call functionality, volume controls, touchscreen and accelerometer; camera, Wi-Fi and screen backlight. Our tech experts are trained to have very keen eyes to make sure they evaluate and assess your iPhone’s most accurate value.

As soon as your device undergoes inspection at our Reno facility, you can expect to receive a call from our reliable customer service representatives to inform you of the assessed value of your iPhone and to verify your payment options. We PAY you through…

  • Company Check. This can take five to seven days before receipt; and
  • PayPal. Your ever reliable digital wallet that makes money transfer happen in a snap!

Whichever you choose when you sell your iPhone, we’ll be happy to give you a return for your investment.

Here’s a quick summary on how to sell your iPhone for top dollar:

  1. Get an online quote and confirm your transaction.
  2. We immediately send you a protective packaging box and pay for shipping.
  3. Expect to hear from our Customer Service Representatives to give you an update as soon as your iPhone arrives at our Reno facility.
  4. Get paid via PayPal or Company Check.

Aside from making sure that you get value for money, we’re all for helping you become a smart seller. When you sell your iPhone, you have to bear in mind that this isn’t like a box of chocolates that you can tie up with some ribbons to be sent as a gift.

It takes a whole lot of preparation to ship a gadget like the iPhone, and it’s not just because we want your iPhone to reach us without a scratch from the journey since we cannot be responsible for damage that an iPhone may incur for getting packed haphazardly.

Apart from making sure that you pack and ship your device securely, we also want to make sure that you are protected from identity theft and similar crimes. If you think this is pretty petty, well here’s a thought or two: Have you ever wondered how many contact numbers on your iPhone a criminal would need to deduce who you are, what you do for a living and where you live? All your personal data can be used to open bank accounts, and access social security numbers and credit cards. And that’s just your contacts. Imagine all the stuff that anyone can get from your iPhone’s memory. It’s your whole life up for grabs.

We at Cash for iPhones eliminate that risk by making sure that we reformat your device. When your iPhone reaches our facilities, we immediately wipe out any data left to make sure your personal information is safe and secure. You may be scared or uneasy but rest assured your privacy is our responsibility. Here are a few guidelines to preparing your device before you sell your iPhone.

  • Even before you start thinking of selling your iPhone, backing up all your data should be your first priority. This way, you’ll be able to keep all your important settings, files and apps securely without having to start from scratch when you buy a new iPhone. You can back up, sync and transfer your purchases (apps and movies that you have downloaded on your iPhone). All you have to do is to sync your device to your desktop or laptop, open your iTunes and find your iPhone in the left-hand pane. Check your iPhone and tap ‘Back up to this computer’. Then, right click on the iPhone in the window pane and select ‘Back Up’ from the pop up window. To transfer your purchases to your iTunes, just right click on the iPhone in your window pane and select ‘Transfer Purchases’.

  • Wipe out all your data from your device before you sell your iPhone. No matter where you sell your iPhone or how, it is very important to make sure that your device does not have any trace of your information to prevent anyone from taking advantage of it. Erase all your iPhone information by tapping on your iPhone’s settings and tapping on ‘General’. Tap ‘Reset’ and ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ to start reformatting your iPhone. It will take about ten minutes to an hour depending on how much data you have on your phone.

  • Clean your iPhone. It doesn’t hurt to make your device more presentable when you sell your iPhone. Get a few soft tissues or a clean cloth with a little bit of isopropyl alcohol and wipe off the dirt from frequent use and the iPhone case. Make sure that you only clean the externals and not the charging dock or headphone jack.

  • Pack your device securely. It is imperative to pack your device securely so that you won’t lose a few dollars from accidental scratches. Once you get the prepaid shipping box, fill it with newspapers and other packing materials. Wrap your iPhone in bubble wrap and place it right in the middle of the box with papers under it and above it, making sure that the packing material is dense all around the iPhone. Shake the box and make sure your iPhone isn’t moving inside the box. Close the box and seal it with packing tape. We also advise that you sign the tape once you finish packing so that if someone tampers with your box, you can confidently say that you left marks of your packing.

  • Finally, remember to fill out the shipping label and make sure that all the details are correct. Drop off the box at USPS and you’re pretty much ready to get some cash out of your iPhone.

Sell your iphone

Wrapping It Up!

Remember: When you sell your iPhone at Cash for iPhones, you have a bunch of hard knocking reasons why your choice is RIGHT!

  1. We don’t just buy old and broken iPhones; we also find time to assess your investment’s return value underneath all the rubble.
  2. We guarantee competitive prices for a wide range of acceptable iPhone models. We have the simplest hassle-free online transaction.
  3. We provide free shipping and fast cash.

At Cash for iPhones, we don’t just try to “keep things moving.? We leap into action and give that hard earned iPhone of yours the cold hard cash it is worth. And we do all this without sacrificing our customer’s security. Visit us at and we’ll show you how to get top dollar for your device theCash for iPhones way today!

Reasons People Sell iPhones to Us

Cash for iPhones has been making former iPhone owners happy for almost 5 years now since being established in 2008. Since then, we have bought and recycled thousands of old, broken and used iPhones. Not only do we meet and make new customers every day, we have also gained repeat customers who have chosen to sell us their iPhones that span four generations. Why is Cash for iPhone the best iPhone refurbishment company out there? We asked our own customers what they loved about us and why they chose to sell their iPhones to us.

When it comes to selling your iPhone, you can be sure that the best place to do it is HERE. People sell iPhone units to us for one supreme purpose: To get a fast buck for their valued iPhones.

In fact, our survey showed that 30% of our customers said that the most important thing for them when they sold their iPhones to us was the cash that they were bound to receive for it. We don’t just aim to please when it comes to quick payments. We also make sure that we have the top dollar price offers for all iPhone generations. We don’t pay with store credits, GCs or thank you cards. We make sure to pay our customers with cold hard cash! That’s because we know exactly what our customers want and that’s real money for their hard earned investments.

Another thing our repeat customers love about Cash for iPhones is that we always, always make sure that the processes they use are easy as pie. This was proven by 28% of our customers where most of them loved the fact that everything about our site spells convenience! No extra buttons, no pop up links and ads, no nonsense forms to fill out. Selling your iPhone to us is as simple as clicking 5 buttons from quote to confirmation! All you need to do next is to wait for our free protective packaging to land at your front door.

We’ll leave the handling of your shipment to the very hardworking people from UPS to make sure your device gets to our Reno facilities safe and sound. The last thing that will require you to lift a finger is when you get a call from our friendly Customer Service Representative to give you an update on your device.

And the best part?

Our services are all practically free! It wouldn’t cost you a single cent to get a free online quote, receive a free protective packaging and be entitled to free UPS shipping.

We are the pioneer in providing free shipping labels and boxes to our customers for buyback in the US. And we don’t ask our sellers to find a box and print a shipping label, we ask them to sit down, relax and wait for the box to be sent to their homes without lifting a finger.

What else do our customers love about our service? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • 100% Secure Transactions. We offer an online service minus all the rubbish, the long and complex processes, the confusing conditions and weird questions. We ask only the information we need for shipping and that’s it! Cash for iPhones is also a TRUSTe and VeriSign certified site so all of our customers can be assured that we are legit.

  • Free Shipping. Right after hitting the verification button, we make sure that we can pamper our customers by doing all the work from our ready-to-print shipping label and free pre-paid box to shipping!

  • Convenient. We’ve always believed that selling your iPhone should be a rewarding experience and not a demanding chore. That is why we made sure that our entire process can be over and done with the least amount of steps, the shortest amount of time and the easiest forms of questions
  • Hotfoot Turnaround Time. We partnered with UPS to make sure that all of our shipping requirements are met for the benefit of our sellers. In fact, it takes only 2 to 5 business days for our customers (East Coast and West Coast) to receive their pre-paid boxes for shipment after confirming the online quote and sending us their contact details.

  • Quick Payment Options. Since we value your iPhone the same way you do, we at Cash for iPhones would like to help you big time in cashing in on your device the quickest way possible. We offer instant cash payments through PayPal which will be sent right after receiving and inspecting your iPhone. And if you don’t have a PayPal account, you have the option to receive payment through a Company Check which you can receive in as little as 5 to 7 days.

  • Reliable Customer Care. At Cash for iPhones, we always make it a point to stay in touch with our customers no matter where they are. Our representatives make sure that all our customers are constantly updated on transactions through emails and calls. They are committed to guide customers in each and every step of the way. Our toll free hotlines are always open for questions, concerns and suggestions during from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday. You can call us toll free at 1-888-821-1143 or send us an email at! Expect a prompt response from our customer support in less than 12 hours.

Sell your iphone

Here’s the big question: Why should you sell your iPhone to Cash for iPhones among all the buyback companies out there? We have the most competitive prices for all kinds of iPhones regardless of model or carrier! Check out this graph comparing our quote to our competitor’s quotes when you are selling your iPhone 4S with 64GB storage from AT&T in mint condition [Note: mint condition refers to iPhones that power on perfectly, with no scratches or blemishes and have no defective batteries or LCD screens].

iPhone Quotes

*Online quotations taken on August 3, 2012 from,,,, and for an iPhone 4S 64GB, AT&T, Black and in mint/perfect working condition.

The Benefits of Selling an iPhone

For some people, selling an iPhone only becomes beneficial when they have finally exhausted their devices down to its worst state. Why not? Essentially, smartphones and gadgets, in general, are manufactured to last for a long time. You wouldn’t buy a disposable cell phone if you were planning to use it for at least a year or two, would you? We can somehow say that these types of people prefer to ‘maximize’ their iPhones in a sense that they would rather use and abuse a device until they it becomes obsolete.

The thing about smartphones, especially the iPhone, is that it is created not only with functionality in mind but durability as well. We have seen the proliferation of liquid metals, plastics and aluminums in smartphone components these days. We’ve seen mobile phones that boast of Gorilla glass, and phones that are said to be waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and scratch resistant. This advancement in smartphone design shows that while consumer electronics manufacturers value the look and technology their mobile phones bring, they also value the hardware that these new technologies come with.

For iPhone fanatics, the principles that come with using an iPhone would probably mean owning and using it for about a year or two (and possibly up to three years) or at least up until the iPhone refuses to open up and work. The iPhone’s average life expectancy is about 400 full charges or a year and a half of usual usage. So when your iPhone is on the edge of its shelf life, the best solution you have is selling an iPhone to companies like Cash for iPhones.

Meanwhile, some iPhone maniacs tend to jump into the bandwagon of selling iPhones not just because they love getting new iPhone models but also because they know all too well that the iPhone remains to be the most profitable smartphone in the market compared to HTC or Samsung. Techno geeks are practically selling an iPhone to buyback programs like Cash for iPhones so they can fuel their techno mania and keep themselves updated in the latest tech trends.

Because of the ever changing landscape of the mobile phone arena, people get hundreds of thousands of new smartphones to choose from. An iPhone or Mac fanatic, for one, can get used to looking forward to a new Apple smartphone or new Mac laptop at least once a year. Apple trends dictate that the MacBook Pro gets updated from 6 months to a year while both the iPad and the iPhone were updated after a year, resulting in a few ups and downs in their quarterly profits but making their products a big hit all throughout the year. Unlike most smartphone brands, the iPhone is very sparse in terms of updates but is definitely worth the wait.

As a result, a normal smartphone user would probably use his or her smartphone for two years before selling it and buying the latest one while a hardcore iPhone fan would most likely be using his or her iPhone for only a year before selling an iPhone and upgrading to a newer version. Thus, selling an iPhone becomes more of a business cycle and not just a last resort to dispose of an old model right before the hottest one hits the market.

In a demographics survey we conducted…

We found out that 30% of our customers endeavor to buy a new gadget every 6 to 12 months while 29% prefer to stick with their gizmos for a year before buying a new one.

When we asked about the reasons customers dispose of old devices through buyback programs like Cash for iPhones, 36% of them said they want to offset their next purchase by getting cash out of their old gadgets. This shows a cycle of wise usage and selling that not everyone knows about.

We believe that this cycle is beneficial not only for gadget junkies and techies who would like to experience new technologies out in the market without spending too much but also to the economy and the tech industry. Just like in a food web, the tech industry feeds on the consumer’s hunger for new technologies and electronics.

This demand fuels the economy at the same rate as it creates a healthy environment for businesses like Apple to grow. This is the reality of electronics consumerism: It’s an endless cycle of capitalizing on feeding the technology beast in every human; a cycle that Apple has been able to perfect through the iPhone.

Here are a few more benefits of selling an iPhone:

  • Selling an iPhone will give you extra cash during crunch time. If you find yourself in a hole, selling your iPhone is probably the best option you have. Did you know that Cash for iPhones experienced an influx of sellers when the U.S. was hit hard by the recession? This just goes to show that while we need technologies in our everyday lives, we can do without them and sell them if the need arises! We at Cash for iPhones champion fast service when you trade in iPhone for cash. You can be sure to get the money you need in a snap! (Especially if you have a PayPal account!)

  • Trade in iPhone for cash… real cash. Unlike most buyback programs like Apple’s recycling program, we at Cash for iPhones make sure that we give our customers what their iPhone is worth by giving them cold hard cash. We don’t offer points or gift cards or store credits. We give out fast cash through PayPal or Company Checks to make sure you get the value for your investment. And we give it straight up, after inspecting your iPhone!

  • Selling an iPhone will hitch you right into the tech bandwagon. We all love updates. As a certified iPhone fan, you are definitely the type of consumer who can hardly wait for the next iPhone release, which could be anytime this year! Are you an iPhone 4S user? Recent studies show that 46% of current iPhone users are likely to upgrade to the iPhone 5 while those who own the most recent model are ‘extremely likely’ to start selling an iPhone 4S to get the next generation iPhone! Gear up for the iPhone 5 by selling an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 3GS. This is probably the wisest thing to do as you buckle up for the race to the nearest Apple store by September! Think about this: By the time the iPhone 5 comes out, your iPhone 4S will become Apple’s next budget phone and you will lose the chance of earning big bucks for your current iPhone!

  • Selling an iPhone will earn you a green thumb. The biggest benefactor when you decide to trade in iPhone for cash is definitely the environment! Did you know that a single unit of an iPhone 4 produces at least 45 kilograms of carbon dioxide? These carbon emissions are produced by two things: manufacturing (57%) and consumer use (34%). Also, older iPhone models like the iPhone 3G tend to produce more carbon emissions (22% more) than the current iPhone models. Thus, everytime you use your old iPhone for long periods of time without upgrading, you are contributing to the world’s growing problem with eliminating carbon footprints. Your iPhone’s carbon footprints will only be erased by recycling wisely. Out of 42 million iPhones trashed every year only 10% are recycled properly. And you won’t just want to put your old iPhone in a recycling bin and ship it somewhere in China. Apparently, up to 80% of recycled iPhones are shipped back to Guiyu, China where 7 out of 10 kids have lead content in their blood and women are 6 times more likely to miscarry. If you want to save the world from eternal damnation, just sell your iPhone to us!
Sell your iphone


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