Why You Should Look Out for Both the iPhone 5S and the Samsung Galaxy S4

Getting ready to sell your iPhone 5 now?

Let’s just admit it. No matter how much you love your iPhone 5 right now, you’re always looking forward to new devices in the market. Whoever said that they’ll be happily melded to their iPhone 5 needs to think twice, especially now that news about Samsung’s possible Galaxy S4 release is everywhere. Samsung has recently released teaser ads on various social media platforms about a product release happening on March 14 in New York. Meanwhile, many tech experts are saying that the iPhone 5S could be in the works and is possibly due for a June or July release! Here’s what you should know about these two so-far-fictional smartphones.

The iPhone 5S

You must note that the iPhone 5 is a massive improvement over the iPhone 4S as seen by its new frame and screen size. In the past, the Cupertino-based tech giant only released iPhones with 3.5 inch displays. But last year, the company surprised many Apple fans with a 4-inch screen and a 4.87 inch high iPhone. And though it’s safe to say that Tim Cook and the rest of Apple’s design team could be leading up to another screen size makeover, it’s a crazy idea. Despite the fact that the smartphone industry is teeming with big displays, Apple would not want to risk the iPhone’s functionality by stretching its dimensions too far.

But what we know is that it’s very possible that the next iPhone’s display could be made by Sharp. Tech experts are suggesting that Apple could incorporate IGZO panels where the touch sensors of the display are embedded directly into the LED panel, thus thinning the touchscreen and allowing the company to possibly create a bigger battery. More recently, we’ve also heard rumors on the tech highway that Apple is planning on incorporating a fingerprint sensor on the next iPhone to amp its security features.

However, when it comes to specs there is not much information to go on. We all know that this is not new information as the company is known for its tight-lipped PR policy. The only evidence we have heard so far in terms of hardware specifications is that the iPhone 5S could have a 13 MP rear camera and possibly Qualcomm Snapdragon processor chips, both of which remain unconfirmed.

The Samsung Galaxy S4

As the Samsung UNPACKED 2013 event is nearing, it’s not very surprising that tech specs are being leaked everywhere on the Internet. For one thing, many reports have announced that the Galaxy S4 will have a 13 MP back camera and 1.8 GHz quad-core Exynos 5 Octa processor under the hood. There are also rumors that Samsung will follow Nokia’s footsteps and venture into wireless charging.

Meanwhile, many tech experts are predicting that the Korean electronics giant will still opt to make a larger display for the Samsung S4 with 4.99 inches of either Super AMOLED Plus or SoLux display. In terms of new features, it is eagerly predicted that the Galaxy S4 will have an eye scrolling and eye stopping display, features that were presented during this year’s CES. But we’re pretty sure this feature wouldn’t come out in the open just yet as the said technology is too new for the smartphone market.

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