Timing Matters on How to Sell Your iPhone

Timing Matters on How to Sell Your iPhone

While there are currently dozens of manufacturers that produce so many Android smartphones, Apple has only released only five models of one single smartphone - the iPhone. But this doesn’t mean that Apple has lagged in the market, as Apple loyalists have made the iPhone one of the most (although some argue it is the most) popular smartphones. But the popularity of iPhones is not only due to die-hard fans who stick with their Apple gadgets through thick and thin, as even third-party and industry reviews have been generous in their praise towards the phone, which in turn, vindicates devotees who are getting a bad reputation for looking like they blindly consume anything Apple offers.

If you are planning your first venture into the exciting realm of iPhone possession, or opting to sell iPhone 3G 8GB to make upgrading more affordable, you still have a decision to make: Which iPhone are you going to get? After all, the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4S are still currently available in the market.

When you buy anything new, especially when you are planning on buying gadgets or electronics, the first factor most likely being considered is budget. For smartphones, it is not enough to just look into the cost of the unit alone, as you will also need to consider the plan you will get with your service provider. So, whatever iPhone you end up getting, you will need to add the cost of a two-year contract of your service provider.

For those who do not want to worry about having to buy an expensive unit, then an iPhone 3GS is available free, as long as you sign a contract with a service provider. Otherwise, the cost of a unit that is not tied to a service provider ranges from $350 to $400, depending on how you get your unit. Based on unit costs alone, you will need to dole out an additional $150 to $200 if you would like an iPhone 4, and more if you are planning of getting a 4S.

Costs aside, if you have difficulty typing on the iPhone, then you should consider knowing how to sell your iPhone, especially if you have an old model already. You can benefit a lot from Siri, iPhone 4S’s virtual voice-based assistant. While it used to be that if you would like to take advantage of speech to text features, you needed to know how to sell your iPhone so that you could change to an Android phone. These days, you don’t need to switch camps because you have an iPhone 4S already, which has Siri at your service.

In the end, the iPhone 4S follows the trend Apple has perfected through the years – the big features and changes only happen every other new generation. Does that mean the upcoming iPhone 5 will not deliver as many goods as people have been anticipating? As of the moment, we do not know yet, but it does work to your advantage to know how to sell your iPhone as early as today, so that when it is time for an upgrade, you won’t be left behind.

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