The Top 10 iPhone Apps That Will Turn Your Tapping Thumb Green (Part Two)

The Top 10 iPhone Apps That Will Turn Your Tapping Thumb Green (Part Two)

Given the iPhone’s flair for being able to perform tasks you could never dream of, we knew that it wouldn’t be long before your iPhone trade in would bear green fruits for humanity. Earth Day is fast approaching and saving the world takes time, so in this article we continue to give you the tools for living green. Here are the next five in the top 10 list of earth-friendly Apple apps for your handy iPhone.

6.GreenCard (Free) – Another great act of environmentalism is to limit your consumption. One resource that the world is probably losing very soon is paper. To help you save your wallet and our planet, get your iPhone trade in for paperless business cards and use the GreenCard app. Nothing says business more than a digital business card. Modify your contact information and business details so that in the future, once you bump into a prospective client, just send them your card through the app.  Anyone who has received that card can receive modifications if you modify your card or change your number.

7.MyMPG – Gasoline is made from fossil fuels that are considered non renewable energy. To save money and gas consumption, get MyMPG on your iPhone and monitor your driving. A good and wise driver can actually save money by driving safely and correctly. This app helps you do just that by giving you a power bar that glows red and sounds once it perceives that you are wasting gas. You can also log in your fuel expenses as you fill up at the gas station and the app tells you how much you are saving. Changing the way you step on your accelerator can save you money and can also save the face of our planet.

8.Carbon Tracker – Technology isn't environmentally hazardous, it actually helps save it once put to good use. The Carbon Tracker app is a built-in GPS assist app that calculates your carbon emissions. You can set a monthly maximum carbon goal and the app monitors your greenhouse emissions and plots it into graphs and charts. You can log in activities to measure your carbon footprint accurately and see if you fared well from your monthly goal!

9.iNews Green Tech – If you want to stay updated with the current happenings in the green revolution, do it in style by getting your iPhone and installing this app. iNews Green Tech is a news app that gives you access to the Green Technology sections of the Scientific American, Cnet, Green Technology, Google and Yahoo. It gets you the latest news, allows offline reading, lets you send news to your friends through email, and adds new news feeds to keep you loaded up with current information. It is user-friendly and earth-friendly as well!

10.A Real Tree – You know you can do so much more than just sit there and tap on your gadget. Here’s an app that will move you to action. Real action. Now you can actually get an iPhone trade in for a real tree. Yes, a real tree not a virtual one. For every app that gets downloaded for $0.99 A Real Tree (meaning the app developers and the organizations they work with) will plant a tree for you in Belize, Honduras, Panama, Philippines, Haiti and a lot more other tropical countries. Now that’s real impact!

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