The Top 10 iPhone Apps That Will Turn Your Tapping Thumb Green (Part One)

The Top 10 iPhone Apps That Will Turn Your Tapping Thumb Green (Part One)

The Top 10 iPhone Apps That Will Turn Your Tapping Thumb Green (Part One)

Just like the iPhone, next generation smartphones are known for their seemingly endless array of applications and their ability to do so much more than just sending a text or making a phone call. Now you can actually use your ever dependable smartphone to save the world from utter destruction and turn into an instant whale-hugger in style. Here are the first five in the top 10 list of the earth-friendly apps for your iPhone.

1.Get Green – If you are just a starter at tree-hugging practices, chances are that you still don’t have much of an idea about how you could possibly impact the world. Well this app believes that you can make small changes in your life that can affect the world in ways bigger than yourself. And while you tend to be a good starter, it always takes a little more push for you to take a step further and turn a good deed into a good habit. Before your will gets broken iPhone can help you make environmental changes on a daily basis through daily tips on how to save energy. You can also save your favorite tips and browse anytime you like. You can also email it to friends and loved ones to help them get involved in saving our planet.

2.MeterRead – If along with saving the world you have plans of saving your wallet, then this app is definitely for you. MeterRead is an iPhone app that can help you observe, record, and analyze your energy consumption to help you be more conscious of your energy usage and your money too. It uses an accurate formula to see how much energy you have consumed. Simply go to your electric meter, record the data and setting on the dial then return after 20 to 24 minutes to record the second reading. The app will calculate your energy consumption for 30 days and will continue to track changes as you go along. If you want your habit of keeping your laptop open all night to be broken iPhone can help you with that!

3.GoodGuide (FREE) – If you’re at the grocery store and are having problems with which brand to pick up, you can get instant information through GoodGuide. This app tells you if the products you see are healthy and safe for consumption by rating it (via pass or fail grades) based on the nutritional value, ingredients, animal welfare, human rights, climate change and even energy efficiency! Make an informed decision and get this app for free!

4.Gorgeously Green Survival Guide – Of course aside from being environmentally effective, it is also a must to empower the woman in you (if you are a woman). Help maintain the diva in you while saving Mother Earth by getting a Sophie Uliano’s quick reference app for all the shopping advice you need. She’ll help you decide on which lipstick is made organically good for your body or which light bulb is the most energy sufficient.

5.iRecycle (FREE) – Even the most diligent recycler needs his handy guides. If you’re looking for places to dump your batteries or your lampshade that got broken iPhone tapping is the simplest answer to that. Get this app to find recycling and disposal locations for your wastes all over the country. It also provides you with a million ways to recycle and keeps you updated with green news.

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