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With people going gaga over the brilliant iPhone 4S, it is tedious enough to make time for thinking about what to do with our old iPhones. Users of old iPhones know that selling an old iPhone can be quite lucrative since the price of an old yet still usable device ranges from $199 to $299. You see, the better-looking and better maintained your iPhone is the larger amount of money you can get from it. The price tag can also float on the grounds of features, carrier plans, and memory storage of your old iPhone. Nonetheless, isn’t it a good opportunity to recoup a bit of that expensive investment while ensuring that the gadget will never earn its place in any of the local landfills?

This one-time selling offer is just one of the growing trends in the electronics refurbishing industry. iPhone sellers from across the globe can sell an old iPhone online and they will be offered cold, hard cash. Not only is the system applicable to iPhone users, but you can also sell a wide variety of handsets.

Some electronics refurbishment companies will not make the selling process exhausting for you, though. Cashforiphones, for instance, offers to buy your iPhones in bulk. Not only will you enjoy the financial rewards of the sale but you also contribute to the reduction of the massive volume of e-wastes in the world.

When it comes to choosing the right service where you need to sell an old iPhone, the best choice there is will be Cashforiphones. It is a trusted company that pays a great amount of cash for people who want to max out the value of their old iPhones.

If you are now prepared to let go of that old contraption, then I recommend that you sell an old iPhone immediately so that you can get the most favorable deal possible. What I mean is that if the device gets old because you have put off the deal until after three months, it is likely that you will get a lower offer in exchange for it.

The first thing to do is to go online and log on to You will be directed to the main landing page. There, you need to indicate the model and condition of your iPhone for you to get a quote afterwards.

For starters, you need to be honest and objective in your assessment of your gadget. Otherwise, once the attendant inspects your phone and finds some inconsistencies in your statement, this will lead to a lower offer.

You can sell a broken iPhone too. Though you will naturally get a low quote, the good thing is that you can still unleash the dollar potential of your device.

Once you get a quote (which I bet will make you jump up and down) and you agree to the terms and conditions, you can now finish the transaction by filling out the online shipping and packaging form.

And it is done! Just wait for the box and the shipping label to be expedited to your mailing address and you can then deliver your iPhone to them.

Wait for the money to get in your hands and enjoy!

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