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How Apple recycles old iPhones

Apple Offers Recycling on iPhones

Over the years, Apple Inc. has never gone far from the prying eyes of Greenpeace as the tech giant is embroiled in many issues regarding carbon footprint, e-wastes, and other what-nots. The two parties have been in collision of beliefs and conduct over the past year or so. In fairness to Apple, the company has been trying to establish a green credo in order to pacify millions of environmentally conscious consumers.

Meanwhile, Greenpeace seems to think that the efforts of Apple are still unsatisfactory as it pushes the tech giant to further expand the scope of its implementations. It specifically tasks Apple to be accountable for its eco-shortcomings.

Fortunately, Apple abided by the suggestions of Greenpeace and found ways to ramp up its recycling programs. Now it is offering free and no-strings-attached recycling for any iPhone model and version.

Way back in 2006, Apple has already been providing people the choice to recycle their products through its stores. So this means that recycling is not at all a new endeavor for the tech giant. However, there is a rub in it. Consumers could only avail of the recycling if they bought a new gadget to replace the recycled one. Aha! What a diabolic joke!

Well, I guess Apple has already gone under spiritual purification. Now, Apple offers recycling for free without you having to buy a new one. Then again, if you still want to approach Apple for it to recycle your old computer, you still need to upgrade or pay.

I do not say that Apple wasn’t able to stack up to the standards of Greenpeace. It only means that it is not yet ready to deliver itself into the magnificently wrapped, gold-ribboned recycling business box.

But this fact shouldn’t make us despair, Apple fanatics. If you want to find a place where you can unload your unwanted devices say an iPhone, you don’t have to look far. Just go online and log on to and you are now off to get good luck through getting rid of your used, old, or broken iPhone.

Instead of you paying for your gadget to be recycled, will be the one to shower you with amount of cash only you can imagine. All you need to do is log on to and start with the transaction.

You will have to indicate the model and condition of your iPhone before getting a quote. When the quote appears and you seem to be okay with it, you can proceed to the next step which is the filling out of online shipping and packaging form.

Wait for the box to be sent to your mailing address. This will only take you a couple of days depending on how far your location is to their Nevada facility. Once you receive it, put the iPhone in and send it back to them through UPS.

Wait for the cash and enjoy the fruits of your labor…I mean, of the sale!

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