Next iPhone Rumored To Be Made of Liquidmetal

Will the next iPhone be made of liquidmetal?

We have heard of rumors before that the next iPhone (iPhone 5, as they call it, though we’d rather call it the next iPhone than be shocked with another Apple Name Shame) will be made of other materials than the usual metals and plastics. A Korean source recently leaked that Apple is looking to use different kinds of metals for the next iPhone generation, although experts say that the rumor that Apple is selling an iPhone made of Liquidmetal is not a matter of ‘if’ but is, on the contrary, a matter of ‘when.’

Not everyone knows that Apple acquired Liquidmetal in 2010. They already have an exclusive commercial license to Liquidmetal and have, in fact, used metallic glass for the iPhone and iPad’s SIM ejector. But it is billed that this year, amidst the throes of complaints about the iPhone’s vulnerability to shocks and drops, the tech giant is planning to make the iPhone stronger, harder, more elastic and durable. Aside from a sure ball broken screen after dropping your iPhone, users also complained about scratches, difficult glass back, and the heavy weight which are said to also be the reasons why Apple is rethinking the iPhone’s design. Some are even saying that with this rumor out, it may signal a brand new look for the rectangular iPhone everyone fell in love with.

Just this past month, Liquidmetal Technologies, a well-known Liquidmetal maker, said that Apple made a $20 million deal with them. Last year, a gazillion of rumors about changing metals, materials and designs have kept the rumor mill churning busily. There were rumors about Apple changing the iPhone’s back design from reinforced glass to a metal chassis. In December, there were also reports that the back of the iPhone would be made into aluminum backing. There had also been rumors during the early months of 2012 that Apple was planning on selling an iPhone with metal backing instead of glass. Now, they’re saying that the iPhone will be made of elements such as zirconium, titanium, nickel and copper (nope, not the whole table of elements). While people are still clueless about the truth behind this rumor, experts believe it’s still very plausible (and it is a good idea too) because the Liquidmetal could give a better finish to the already snazzy iPhone design and will also make the iPhone’s externals less prone to corrosion and other natural damage.

The Korean news site where all the commotion came from says that the Liquidmetal technology to be used for the next iPhone will be unveiled during the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) to be held in San Francisco in June. As most etch fans know, the WWDC has been known as Apple’s favorite grounds for unveiling their latest technology.

But techies and Apple fans begged to disagree about the release date. Having seen the iPhone 3, 3G, 4 and 4S unveiling events, most Apple cult sites believe that the innovative company Steve Jobs co-built is traditional enough to continue the iPhone timeframe (where the tech company will usually release and sell iPhone fast, a year after the previous one was released on the market).

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