CFI's iPhone 5S Rumor Round Up

iPhone 5S Rumor Roundup: Will You Sell iPhone 5 now?

It’s only been two months since we first gave you our spin on the iPhone 5 release and yet here we are, rounding up the latest rumors about the next iPhone model Apple may be releasing next year. Again, nothing’s official yet. This page is a culmination (and/or a timeline) of all the rumors we saw around the web about the iPhone 5S (or so we think). Stay tuned because we’ll be updating this every now and then!

12/6/12 – Release date predictions and leaked photos

Rumormongers have really branded the next iPhone as the “iPhone 5S” simply because we all know Apple is so traditional. In the Apple culture, the smartphone naming convention has always been iPhone X followed by iPhone XS. On December 6 reports of leaked photos and predicted release dates spread like wildfire throughout the tech world. A French website apparently leaked photos of the back panel of the purported iPhone 5S, and also showed differences in the two models. Meanwhile, Jeffries & Company’s Peter Misek predicted that the iPhone 5S release could be in June 2013 and may feature HD screens and cameras as well as NFC.

12/17/2012 – Will we see multicolored iPhone models?

White and black may be the most classic looking colors for the iPhone but that doesn’t mean we would say no to a pink iPhone! Recent rumors that surfaced about the iPhone 5S have revived the idea of a colorful release. This is after some tech analysts agreed that the black and white design Apple had been championing for five years is just becoming too stale. And since the tech giant managed to up their ante for their fifth gen iPod which came out in 5 colors, Jeffries analyst Peter Misek says it may soon be possible for the iPhone too! With regards to the iPhone 5S release, predictions are split into two camps. Some predictions say Apple may still be following the 1-year gap tradition, which means they could be releasing the iPhone 5S in September next year. Meanwhile, other analysts say Apple may be breaking away from tradition this time by releasing gadgets on an earlier schedule. Predictions of a summer 2013 release are also up and about on the World Wide Web.

1/7/2012 – NFC, Finally?

Though the rumor about an NFC enabled iPhone has been slammed time and again (especially since it never comes up during the iPhone keynotes, much to our disappointment), you’ll be surprised to know it never actually stops. Just like last year, tech journalists are predicting that the iPhone will finally have NFC this year; the only difference is that they may be right. Last November, Apple reportedly filed a patent for a wireless charging system based on near-field magnetic resonance (NFMR). The said patent utilizes almost the same technology that other smartphones like HTC Windows Phone 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 have already employed; the difference being that Apple is planning to design the wireless dock to allow for numerous configured devices. This is purported to be the next best “selling point” of the iPhone 5S.

1/29/2013 - A Bigger Screen and Another iPhone

Apple remains mum over iPhone 5S rumors that have been popping up like crazy all over the Internet. While a lot of predictions for the iPhone 5S sound the same, a few whispers and prototype iPhone 5S designs caught our eye this week. Sources from Apple’s production lines let slip a small tip: The tech giant will start iPhone 5S production by February or March. If this is true, the news about an early June release might actually be true! A lot of predictions and rumors are still holding on to the idea of a multicolored iPhone sometime soon. A new rumor we’ve heard is that the tech giant is planning on putting a fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S to improve security and make passcode entering easier. A lot of financial and tech analysts are also betting that Apple could in fact be releasing two iPhones this year. One is the iPhone 5S while the other one could be a cheaper iPhone which could be made of plastic. Whether this budget iPhone is true or not, iPhone dreamers are unstoppable; all making videos of their own “next iPhone prototypes.” These videos showcase iPhones with bigger screens (4.8 inches), projected keyboards and 12MP rear cameras.

3/12/2013 - iPhone 5S Release Date, Features and Tech Specs Rumors


We’re back from a very long update hiatus! But don’t worry, this update will be full of juicy iPhone 5S rumors that will keep you salivating for the next Apple smartphone. Apparently, the tech world is buzzing with new rumors about the iPhone 5S that may or may not be true but are still worth your time. For one thing, we’ve heard whispers on the tech highway that the next iPhone may have a 13 MP rear camera. This same rumor has been heard for the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is due to be released on March 14. But while we’re personally not that convinced that the Galaxy S4 rumor could come to fruition, we’re hoping that the rumored iPhone 5S features are true! Recently, we’ve read that both Samsung and Apple are looking to incorporate NFC wireless charging feature, which we first saw at Nokia’s launching event late last year, in their next smartphones. According to some of DigiTime’s sources, Samsung could be releasing a product this March that supports Qi wireless charging technology and Apple could either follow suit or release their own peripheral. Aside from the wireless charging feature, many reports say the next iPhone will also have a fingerprint sensor near the home button as an additional security feature. Meanwhile, we are seeing predictions that say Apple’s iPhone release could be happening in August or July instead of June. With regards to hardware specs, the latest we’ve heard is that Apple may be using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor chips! If that’s the case, then we are more excited than ever!

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