Apple Takes China by a Storm of iPhones

What our Chinese friends have got to say about the iPhone

If this was a gag entry, we’d probably name it “iPhone Loving Level: Asian.” However, as this is a news worthy article, to say the least, we put up with a traditional title (because everything about the world’s largest tech company that succeeded by selling an iPhone is news worthy).

Have you ever stopped to think about why people across the globe think Asians are awesome? It’s because they are. Let’s take the Chinese people as an example. Studies of different cultures all over the world noted that most Chinese children are holistic in learning and schooling because the Chinese parental ways of discipline is too strict for comfort. Back in 2007, a research center in China reported that kids spend about 8.6 hours on average in school every day. Some schools in China even have 9 hours of schooling daily, an hour longer than most Chinese adults spend at work. Recent polls also reported that Asian people are the smartest in terms of online trade. Koreans are said to have devoted most of their budget on online shopping while the Chinese ranks second to them. They have also grown wiser in buying even in the physical realm of trade by researching about the products and the prospective sellers or buyers first, limiting the risks of being stranded up a creek without a paddle.

And aside from being great scholars and witty shoppers, it looks like the Chinese people are also becoming more materialistic and gadget savvy. Since last year, financial experts have noted that the poor Chinese are rising into middle class ranks and are becoming more interested in pricey products to suit not only their new lifestyles, but also their new needs. This has once again been proven by Apple’s announcement saying that the iPhone has tremendously increased in sales and demand in the months following the controversial Chinese lawsuits and court battles.

Getting rich in China

In their second quarter financial report, Apple’s CEO proudly stated that the company has been boggled by the huge wave of Chinese buying and selling an iPhone, when the iPhones sales rose to five times its previous sales and revenues in the said country. The sales figure, 7.9 billion dollars, came from the Greater China area which included Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. For the first half of the fiscal year, Apple had already counted up to 12.4 billion dollars in revenue from China alone. It looks like the tech giant made the right decision to push through with selling the iPhone to the Chinese people despite the tumultuous drama it’s been into with the Chinese government. The tech company has been known to have faced serious cases in the country including labor issues, environmental issues, and copyrights and trademark issues which caused them to halt manufacturing operations for a while in that country.

The modern Chinese way of getting an Apple a day

Not only are Chinese people high on the iPhone, even Chinese investors are jumping on the bandwagon by getting shares of iPhone suppliers in China (because they are not allowed by the country’s laws to invest directly in Apple). To further their strategies of selling an iPhone, the tech giant has recently listed the help of China Telecom Corp. (the second largest mobile carrier in China).

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