Apple Maps Is No. 14 in Mad Magazine's "20 Dumbest"

I think you should sell your iPhone for a better map instead!

Plus, Apple Makes a Big Splash in China’s Smartphone Market

It’s been a big week for Apple… well, in some ways.

Mad Magazine’s upcoming issue will feature Apple on its best of the best list! And by “best of the best” we really mean “worst of the worst.”

Mad will be releasing its 519th issue on December 18 which rounds up the 20 Dumbest People, Events, and Things of 2012 and we’ve heard they’re counting the Most Valuable Company in! But don’t worry; it’s not the new CEO or the recently fired ex-Vice Presidents on the list. It’s the Apple Maps application (iMaps) that gets highlighted on the humor magazine’s annual list of offenders.

The long running magazine has listed iMaps because of its outstanding turn-by-turn directions, very helpful Flyover feature, impeccably accurate directions and fantastic looking graphics in some parts of the world. (Again, this is Mad Magazine we’re talking about.) The issue will also underline Tim Cook’s very brave apology letter.

In honor of Apple’s very bold attempt at making a Maps application and their equally bold apology, Mad Magazine even created a mock apology letter that says, “While we’re improving Maps, you can try alternatives. Stop by your local gas station and see if they still happen to have any of those little fold-up paper maps. They’re fun, colorful and often free.” Check out the full photo of the fake Apple apology letter on Eric Mack’s Cnet Crave report!

Now to be fair, Apple’s apology letter for the iOS 6’s Maps mess wasn’t really that bad. It was concise, well-written and very… well… apologetic. It was an honest reflection of the fact that the new management (a.k.a. new CEO) was not afraid of admitting their mistakes and saying sorry. Still, we all have to admit it was awkward. It wasn’t really a fun time for Apple, but it definitely was funny for the rest of us.

In other news, the iPhone 5 will finally make its way to the Chinese market on December 14 and pre-orders are going ballistic. Mobile giant, China Unicom has already reported 100,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 5. China Telecom is also accepting pre-orders. Well, to all those in China who can’t wait to sell their iPhone 4S for a new smartphone, we’re glad the iPhone is making its way back to the same country that manufactured it.

The Apple addicts of China have no cause for concern. The American tech company is going to great lengths to make them feel loved and treasured. In fact, Apple even released a Chinese version of their manuals like the “Start Developing iOS Apps Today” online guide. The tech giant also added feedback forms to the guide so they can hear back from users! After all, China provided 38% of Apple’s revenues last quarter (not to mention the 25 billionth App Store downloader was Chinese too).

All in all, we’re just really excited to see what’s next for the tech giant. After all the problems they’ve gone through this year, will they still be the Most Valuable Company in the world next year with the help of their Chinese friends? Or will they continue to be the center of Mad Magazine mockery? Let us know what you think!

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