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iPhone 5S Rumor Roundup: Will You Sell iPhone 5 now?

CFI's iPhone 5S Rumor Round Up

This page is a culmination (and/or a timeline) of all the rumors we saw around the web about the iPhone 5S (or so we think). Stay tuned because we’ll be updating this every now and then!

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I think you should sell your iPhone for a better map instead!

Apple Maps Is No. 14 in Mad Magazine's "20 Dumbest"

Mad Magazine’s upcoming issue will feature Apple on its best of the best list! And by “best of the best” we really mean “worst of the worst.”

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I'd rather sell my iPhone if it looks like this that's fosho!

Ready to Carry's Hip Style on Your iPhone?

Where is the love?’s pretty sure it’s going to be your iPhone’s new accessory!

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Tim, If you don't sell iPhone 5 or kill that iMaps app I swear I'll haunt you every night.

The Post-Steve Era: How Apple's Holding Up Under Tim's Leadership

It’s not always rainbows where Tim Cook is standing on the threshold of Apple. In fact, the CEO is receiving flak from the recent storm of problems that hit the Cupertino headquarters. Are these effects of the post-Steve Jobs era?

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